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Strange Perspective “I Put A Spell On You” with Dameun Strange, Chris Cox, Bryan Berry and Kahlil Brewington.

The aftermath of figuring out this cover art idea for a homie on the east coast. I’m pleased with how it’s turning out. I hope he is too!!!

Ah yesss…nothing like getting records in the mail.

I am seriously considering adopting this dog… He’s just amazed by. And tiny. I think I shall call him Cristobal.

A cover from ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, one of my favorite Halloween movies everrrr follow the link to listen!


Happy birthday Papá! Gracias por este vida. No esta perfecta, pero es mío, y estoy usando la el mejor que puedo.

SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE: Seven Ways to Not Be an Asshole on Halloween

"Because no one really wants to look like a senseless asshole…right? It’s all gotta just be some kinda misunderstanding…a systemically racist, white supremacist, playing out what we learn from the cycle of socialization kind of misunderstanding. Which of course, is not your fault, but we still need to be accountable for our own actions."